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GamerGold (GG)

GamerGold (GG) is the Matrix Gaming IT ecosystem's core cryptocurrency. GamerGold (GG) is only ever issued out via minting and is burning back down when sold back into the ecosystem's escrow holdings. GamerGold (GG)'s main utility within Matrix Gaming IT ecosystem is for global competition gaming winnings and staking. GG further carries utility within digital treasure mining and collecting via the Matrix Gaming IT Blockchain Treasure Miner contract and markeplaces. GamerGold (GG) can be exchange with MatrixCoin (MIX) to mine and forge immutable rare elements like digital gold and diamonds to create digital collector coins.

GamerGold (GG) Stats

GamerGold (GG) In Circulation
Total GG Burned
Ethereum (ETH) In Escrow
GG Won From Staking

GamerGold (GG) Infographic

GamerGold (GG) is a cryptocurrency type called a smart contract. Gamer (GG) was built via encoding through the programming language solidity with certain programatic features/functions to allow the GG to be minted as well as burned (destroyed). These minting and burning features among certain other programmed logics were encoded to retain a caliber of equal value retention with the pairings with other cryptocurrencies such a Ethereum, Bitcoin and StableCoins.

Any incoming Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin or other currency revenues from bought GamerGold (GG) for staking, in turn occurs the minting (creation) of the GamerGold (GG) allocated out to competitors in global E-Sports based gaming varieties. Gaming competitors whether it be individuals, teams, clans, guilds or organizations then stake into a unique cryptocurrency wallet address within the Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem as a GG escrow holding. Once any given GG staked tournament completes with winner results, allows that the winner earns the entire GG staked pool from escrow holdings. The winners may then utilize the GG within the ecosystem in a variety of ways, or sell back into the ecosystem via the GamerGold (GG) exchange. All sold GG that is then bought back into the ecosystem by the operating company is burned (destroyed).

*A set minimal buy and sell transaction fee of 0.5% applies when buying and or selling GamerGold (GG) alike to stock market fees for all transactions of ETH to GG and or GG to ETH, or pairings among other cryptocurrencies like USDT StableCoin, GeminiDollar etc.

GamerGold (GG) circulating supply is based upon the total in amount of revenues in the ecosystem’s escrow in form of monetary revenue or a basket variety of secure cryptocurrencies. The starting par value of one GamerGold (GG) is $0.25 USD and will be managed accordingly to retain its value and stability of par longterm.

GamerGold (GG):

Cryptocurrency Type: ERC20 Smart Contract

Programming Langauge: Solidity

Blockchain Type: Ethereum Foundation Blockchain. Ethereum (ETH) is the primary utility cryptocurrency of the Ethereum Blockchain.

GamerGold (GG) Contract Address: Coming Soon.

Issuer/Owner Address: Coming Soon.

GamerGold (GG) Contract Address Blockchain Explorer:

MatrixCoin (MIX):

Cryptocurrency Type: TRC20 Smart Contract

Programming Langauge: Solidity

Blockchain Type: TRON Foundation Blockchain. TRON (TRX) is the primary utility cryptocurrency of the Tron Blockchain.

MatrixCoin (MIX) Contract Address: TCUqoh8Q8VLgTUo6R46tEt949Cf1vhocpU

Issuer/Owner Address: TPgpLZWysuCf8JNtHbDkSTbbWTfQZjdyFQ

MatrixCoin (MIX) Contract Address Blockchain Explorer: