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What is Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem?

The Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem is an all inclusive gaming social and competitory online environment for gamers, teams/guilds/clans, content creators and e-sports organizations. Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem carries with it a tournaments engine for creating and competing in fully customizable gaming tournaments that can either be free, premium paid, or staked prize pools of GamerGold (GG) via Ethereum (ETH), USDT, GUSD and or Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrencies. Immerse yourself into the technological universe of gaming by signing up today by clicking here: Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem

What is the Tournaments Engine?

The Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem has built into it a full fledged tournaments engine for creating customized and secure public or private event tournaments. The engine is built with a variety of easily utilized settings and features to create and launch scheduled gaming tournaments with each integrate games maps built in ready to be fulfilled for your competition event.

Tournaments can be public or private, free or premium “pay for entrance” type events. Also integrated is the core staking ability to use Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) or other currencies to obtain GamerGold (GG). Teams or individual gamers can easily obtain GamerGold (GG) and stake against each other to see who wins the gaming tournament(s) to as well take home the entire staked GamerGold (GG) pool winnings. GamerGold (GG) can be sold back to the ecosystem for Ethereum (ETH), USDT, GUSD via the GamerGold exchange.

What is Ethereum (ETH) and GamerGold (GG)?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency and is the second largest valued cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin (BTC). It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

Learn more about Ethereum: Wikipedia ETH

Learn more about Bitcoin: Wikipedia BTC

GamerGold (GG) is a smart contract cryptocurrency that is built with the programming language solidity. GamerGold (GG) is fully backed by real Ethereum (ETH) and or Bitcoin (BTC) and only ever circulated via minting. Once GamerGold (GG) is spent back into the Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem, it is then burned or destroyed until needed to be re-minted out for further tournaments staking. GamerGold (GG) further carries utility in the Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystems “Treasure Miner” via exchanging with MatrixCoin (MIX).

The Treasure Miner is a smart contract digital UX/UI where digital elements like collectible gold, diamonds, and precious stone elements can be mined and forged into collectible different digital coins by way of mining these collectible digital elements with MatrixCoin (MIX). Visit the Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem to learn more and visit the Matrix Treasure Miner.

Matrix Gaming IT Tournaments

Matrix Gaming IT tournaments consist of prime scheduled tournament events consisting of GamerGold (GG) minting and circulation. These tournament event champions (winners) obtain the staked GamerGold (GG) in which can then be redeemed (spent) back into the ecosystem for Ethereum (ETH) in return.


A set pre-qualification set of tournaments takes place in certain Matrix Gaming IT Tournament events to determine opponent matchings. For example in Super Smash Bros or Dragon Ball Z type tournaments to fairly match and rank opponents together for the tournaments main event.

What else can I do with GamerGold (GG)?

GamerGold (GG) can be exchanged with MatrixCoin (MIX) to be utilized in the Matrix Gaming IT Blockchain Treasure Miner to mine digital collectible elements like gold, diamonds and precious gems to further forge and mint into collectible digital coins. The Matrix Gaming IT Blockchain Treasure Miner is built upon the Tron Blockchain and utilized with TronLink browser wallet plugin or TonLink mobile wallet app. Such mineable resources like the digital gold etc and collectible coins may be traded freely amongst each other or eventually bought and gold among a Tron Blockchain compatible DEX Exchange platform. Visit the Matrix Gaming IT Treasure Miner Here: Matrix Gaming IT Blockchain Treasure Miner. Download the TronLink Desktop Browser Cryptocurrency wallet here: TronLink Wallet Extension.



GamerGold (GG) may also be staked further among other gamers and or teams/clans/guilds and or E-Sports organizations to create and hold premium Matrix Gaming IT Tournament events via the Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem’s Tournaments Engine. Visit and start creating free for fun or pro prize award tournaments here: Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem.

How can I obtain Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH)?

To buy and obtain Bitcoin (BTC) we have two different referral approaches that are both very easy to sign up for to easily and securely buy Bitcoin (BTC). One being the Gemini Exchange and the second and best/easiest being the Cash App created by the same founding entity of Twitter.


Sign Up and Buy Bitcoin (BTC) with: Cash App. use this link and get $5 free!


Sign Up and Buy Bitcoin and or Ethereum with: Gemini Exchange. Use this link and get $10 worth of free Bitcoin (BTC)!


Once you obtain Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) for obtaining and staking GamerGold (GG) visit here to obtain the GamerGold (GG) and create tournaments for your niche gaming needs or pro team/organization tournament events: Matrix Gaming IT Ecosystem: GamerGold (GG).

The GamerGold (GG) exchange is currently being built still for direct exchanging between Ethereum, USDT or GUSD.

Ethereum (ETH) may be sent directly into the GamerGold (GG) contract address here: (Contract Address Coming Soon) via the MetaMask wallet or an alike safe Ethereum (ETH) compatible wallet. Once Ethereum (ETH) is received into the GamerGold (GG) contract address balance, the GamerGold (GG) will be minted and sent to your wallet address that you sent Ethereum (ETH) from. Please note that the exchange rate of sending Ethereum (ETH) directly into the GamerGold (GG) contract holdings balance is set by GamerGold (GG) holding a par value of $0.25 USD per each GG cryptocurrency coin/token until the GamerGold (GG) exchange is fully built and launched that will allow for GamerGold (GG) to begin carrying an open market and fluctuating value.

What Is Matrix Gaming IT?

Matrix Gaming IT is a livestream gaming channel featured on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Mixer, DLive and a host of other live-stream platforms and ecosystems.

Check out the Stream Box section to learn more, subscribe and follow Matrix Gaming IT Live!


Do you have great and creative gaming content videos and clips of your favorite games? Great! Contact us and forward your video clips directly to us to have them featured on the Matrix Gaming IT YouTube Channel.

Where can I connect with Matrix Gaming IT on social media?

Matrix Gaming IT is readily available to follow and stay up to date on all events and live-streams on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and especially please join and share your own live-streams and gaming tournaments/teams/events in our Discord Channel.


Twitter: Matrix Gaming IT


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Instagram: Matrix Gaming IT


Discord: Matrix Gaming IT Discord


Telegram: Matrix Gaming IT

Can I integrate my own favorite E-Sports/competition type game into the tournaments engine?

Yes! If you have a great community revolving around a specific type of gaming niche/ game variety please us the contact Matrix IT Support section to reach out to our team and get your favorite game(s) that can be competed within along with the games maps/levels built into the Matrix Chain Ecosystem’s tournaments engine house here at the: Matrix Chain Ecosystem.